Brian Tracy : Pokonywanie przeszkód

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Angielski: Brian Tracy: Four Steps to Getting Past Obstacles

Do you know that success is the ability to solve problems? That leadership is the ability to solve problems? The fact is, that a goal and an achieve is nearly a problem unsolved. So here’s the questions: How good are you at solving the problems that come up every day?

If you want to overcome obstacles and achieve your goales, you need to become a continuous problem solver. So how do you become a solution oriented goal achiever? Well, first, define the problem clearly: ask what specifically is holding you back from achieving your goal. Then, determine all the possible solutions – all the different things that you could do to overcome an obstacle. And once you have a list of solutions, decide which one you’ll pursuit. Now it doesn’t have to be a perfect solution, but any decision is usually better that no decision at all. And finally take action.

If your approche that you’ve chosen doesn’t work, try something else. If that doesn’t work, you try something else as well. You keep thinking in terms of things you can do, rather than things you can’t do. The more you think about solutions, the more solutions you’ll come up with. All succesful people are solution oriented. And this is what we found about solution oriented people – just the more you think about solutions, the smarter you get. The more you think about solutions, the more solutions you come up with. As a result, they’re more positive and optimistic and you must be as well.

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